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If you have already invested in a web site you can be seen promoting your business around the world. Isn't it time to expand its impact by translating it? Let's face it. If you do Internet marketing you're doing it for some very simple reasons: IT WORKS, it's cost effective and you can reach the entire world. But if your efforts are targeted only at the English speaking world, you are cheating yourself out of literally millions of potential customers and untold amounts of revenue.

At Virginia Language Services, we can help. Translation is what we do. In fact, many people never even think of having their site translated until we mention it to them. We can translate your site into any of the languages we offer and do it at competitive rates. If you want, we can even create the html files for you and upload them to your server at a price that you can afford. We will need the user name and password for your site, of course. If this makes you uncomfortable, your translated documents can be posted to our ftp site for you to download in a password protected zip file and uploaded by your webmaster, or shipped to you on CD ROM.

As always, your site will receive the greatest degree of care available and be the highest quality possible. We've all seen examples of translations that misfired and cost the companies using them money and embarrassment. Why let it happen to you? Come to Virginia Language Services. You will reach more of the world and potentially expand your revenues. After all, that's why you're in business on the Internet in the first place, isn't it?


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